Lineboro-Manchester Lions Club
MD 22
District 22-W

P.O. Box 27
Manchester, Maryland 21102

Club Number: 8933 - Chartered: 11 October 1945


  • American Heritage Essay Contest:SteveSwam,Carol Hoover
  • Birthday Calendars:Andy DeMario Sr
  • Bocce Tournament:Carl Welsh,Andy DeMario Sr,Vince Depalmer
  • Food for the Community:Steve Swam,Craig Bowers
  • Charter Night::Andy and Margaret DeMario,Cindy Mulikin,Chrisy Pope
  • Christmas Party:Cindy Mulikin,Andy DeMario Sr,Christy Pope,Kim Boucher.Christopher Tomlinson,Ron Judy
  • Citizenship Award:Steve Swam,Chrisy Pope,Ron Moser
  • Club Picnic:Andy DeMario Sr,Anita Graves,Christy Pope
  • Communication,Publicity,& History:Anita Graves,Chrisy Pope,Carol Hoover
  • Community Liason:Vince Depalme,Mickie Baylor
  • Constitution and ByLaws: Carl and Anna Welsh,,Christy Pope,Vince Depalmer
  • Conventions:Andy DeMario Sr,Carl Welsh
  • Diabetes Awarness:Carl Welsh,Kim Boucher
  • Dinner Arrangements:,Andy DeMario Sr,Cindy Mulikin
  • Eye Class Collection:Roger & Elle Stult, Wendy Garey
  • Eye Screening:Andy DeMario Jr,Byron Zonin
  • Finance Committee:andrew DeMario sr, Steve Swam,Wayne Miller
  • Health and Welfare:Anna Welsh,Margaret DeMario
  • Hospital Equipment:Andy DeMario Sr,Steve Swam
  • Land Purchasing/Building:Phil Miller,Wayne Miller,Bill Fisher,Dave Warner,Jack Ranhawa,Craig Bowers,Charlie Evans,Christy Pope
  • Leo Club:Paul Pope 111,Craig Bowers,Christy Pope
  • Long Range Planningt:Andy DeMario Sr,Vince Depalmer
  • Manchester Carnival:Steve Swam,,Micki Baylor,Vince Depalmer
  • Manchester Firemans Parade:Wayne Miller, Christopher Tomlinson
  • Membership:Carl Welsh, Andy DeMario Sr
  • Milk and Cookies Night:Christy Pope,Ron Moser,Byron Zonin,Carol Hoover,Steve Swam,Vince Depalmer,Andy Demario Sr

  • Needy Families:Vince Depalmer
  • Nominations Committee:Andy DeMario Sr,Chrisy Pope,Vince Depalmer
  • Oyster Dinner:Craig Bowers,Andy DeMario Sr, Jack Randhawa
  • Peace Poster Contest:Carl & Anna Welsh,Rick Eikenberg
  • Policy and Procedure Manual:Carol Hoover,Steve Swam,Andy DeMario Sr
  • Programs/Speakers:Andy Demario Sr, Vince Depalmer
  • Renaissance Festival:Steve Swam, ALL MEMBERS
  • Retantion & Leadership Development:Andy DeMario Sr, Andy DeMario jr
  • Scholarships:Steve Swam,Cindy Mulikin,Wayne Miller
  • School Events:Cindy Mulikin,Chreis Tomlinson,James Schwartz,Kim Boucher,Paul Pope 111,Vince Depalmer, Andy DeMario sr
  • Swimming Pool:Roger Stultz, Cindy Mulikin,Wayne Miller,Chrisy pope,D0n Pennington,Steve Swam,Bill Fisher,Craig Bowers,Ron Moser,Paul Pope 111,Anita Graves,Micki Baylor,Vince Depalmer
  • Technology:Andy DeMario Jr, Carol Hoover
  • Visitations:Andy DeMario Sr,Andy DeMario Jr
  • White Cane:Charlie Evans,Christy Pope
  • Yard Sale:Steve Swam,Micki Baylor
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